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Phishing Explained: Don’t Get Hooked

If you have an email account, it’s likely you’ve experienced a phishing attack. Simply put, a phishing attack is when a person with nefarious intent sends you an email that appears to be from a company or person you know…. Read the full article…

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Advanced Persistent Threats – What Are They?

There are different levels of threat concerning cybersecurity. Sophisticated, prolonged attacks (usually carried out by a nation-state, organized criminal element, rival corporations with the intent of spying on your business, or terrorists) are referred to as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)…. Read the full article…

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Malware, Ransomware, Virus… What’s the Difference?

Like it or not, cyberspace is full of cybercrime. Hackers keep finding novel ways to take advantage of security flaws and breach organizations. Common weapons these cyber actors use include malware and viruses, and a widely-used technique for network infiltration… Read the full article…

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Cybersecurity: One Word or Two?

Everyone knows the term “security” has evolved past the routine protection of the home or a person’s physical property. We’re also all aware that the word “cyber” is front and center in the realm of Information Technology. Information security is… Read the full article…

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Software Agents: A Partial Solution to Cybersecurity Threats

When we entered the world of cybersecurity a couple of years ago, we considered software agents as a method of delivery for our solution. However, we quickly rejected this approach for a number of reasons and we believe it’s an… Read the full article…

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Claims of AI in Cybersecurity Are Highly Exaggerated

Artificial intelligence is an exciting and innovative technology. Cybersecurity is technology’s biggest problem, so it’s natural to apply the former to the latter. It’s also natural, then, that every cybersecurity company claims to use AI. However, most of those claims… Read the full article…

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