ThreatQuarantine for containment of threats and security breaches

Autonomous Response to Cyber Threats

To limit damage and stop a cyber threat from spreading, your security team needs to act fast. The time from detection to containment is critical, especially when the threat is a fast-moving malware like a ransomware botnet. However, accessing infected machines in a timely manner can be challenging. Larger enterprises have the added challenge of expansive physical campuses or remote locations.

ThreatQuarantine is a cyber defense tool that enables you to immediately isolate devices without having to leave the SOC. The technology is fully customizable, allowing for fine control over how you contain threats to your business. Configure ThreatQuarantine to suspend devices autonomously or create protocols for your security team to get involved and decide if containment is warranted.

With ThreatQuarantine, you can move beyond traditional security and protect your network with the defense solution that fights back.

How It Works

Leveraging insights from our next-generation AI, ThreatQuarantine works by digitally suspending network access when threat events occur, without disrupting other operations. The technology requires no software installation, and its abilities extend to every observable device on the network. Quarantined devices are unable to send or receive network communication until an investigation is complete and access reinstated.

Rapid Response

Devices are quarantined within seconds when ThreatQuarantine is operating autonomously. Easily manage quarantined machines from within the ThreatWarrior portal..

Autonomous Action

Your network, your rules. Configure ThreatQuarantine to contain in-progress threats autonomously or require security team validation before quarantine is established.

Remote Forensics

Analysts are able to establish communication with quarantined devices, allowing them to perform the necessary forensics, even remotely.

Quarantine All Devices

Suspend network access to any observable device, even if your security team doesn’t have access to them. Vending machines, mobile devices, printers and more are all attack vectors that should be monitored.

Save Time

Use ThreatQuarantine to boost productivity and save time, prioritizing and responding to threats appropriately with unparalleled speed.

Power to Contain

Analysts now have the power to contain threats while thorough inspections are performed, instead of relying on impulsive responses.

ThreatQuarantine to Contain
ThreatWarrior™ to Defend

ThreatWarrior is an advanced cyber defense solution. The technology rapidly protects against malware, phishing attempts, insider attacks and more. Fortify your security posture with ThreatWarrior and ThreatQuarantine and start blocking cyberattacks today.

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