Advanced threats, insider attacks, ransomware and new-age cyber assaults can’t evade our industry-leading AI technology. Fortify your security posture with ThreatWarrior and start blocking threats other solutions miss.

ThreatWarrior is the world’s most progressive cyber defense solution, and the first to utilize unsupervised neural networks to proactively guard against complex cyberattacks. Designed to mimic the human immune system, ThreatWarrior self-learns what is normal for your network and raises alerts to any anomalies – no rules or signatures necessary.

First to utilize unsupervised neural networks to proactively
                    guard against complex cyberattacks
Cybersecurity inspired by the human immune system

How ThreatWarrior Works

Using unsupervised neural networks ThreatWarrior is able to evolve to recognize and cybersecurity threats
Cyber Immune Response™️

The malicious underworld of cybercrime continues to rise, bringing bespoke cyberattacks to organizations of all sizes. These attacks constantly evolve and mutate to avoid detection. That’s why ThreatWarrior was built with our Cyber Immune Response technology. It constantly learns and adapts to new risks in an always-changing cyber landscape. By applying unsupervised neural networks and advanced machine-learning techniques, ThreatWarrior automatically evolves to recognize and neutralize threats. The technology classifies and analyzes massive amounts of data in real time, learning to detect all threat types – even those previously unknown – to keep your network free from compromise.

Passive Network Monitoring
Passive Network Monitoring

Monitor threats to your entire corporate network with end-to-end coverage of your on-premise locations and cloud assets. ThreatWarrior’s lightweight sensors are deployed internally, passively connecting to your network switch with no disruption to daily operations. In addition to protecting your physical environment, ThreatWarrior delivers threat protection and visibility into your cloud services. It is fully configurable, enabling organizations to set rules, privileged access, selective visibility and more. What’s more, ThreatWarrior’s capabilities extend beyond traditional corporate and cloud environments. It works on any network type, including IoT, virtualized, outsourced and segmented.

Multiple Threat/Breach Detection Engines
Multiple Processing Engines

ThreatWarrior employs a multi-engine approach to arrive at accelerated, maximum threat detection. The Intelligence Engine correlates threat intelligence feeds with real-time analytics and network activity. The Policy and Compliance Engine allows you to establish internal policies to monitor events that are specific to your organization. The AI Engine monitors human and device behavior, learning what is normal for your unique network and raising alerts when that behavior changes. The Integrity Engine monitors the physical ThreatWarrior sensor for any signs of compromise. These engines working in tandem create the fastest, most reliable threat defense system available.

3D User Interface to Visualize Network Threats
User Interface

Our UI has been expertly engineered to provide comprehensive visibility into the threat surface, simplifying data to increase your team’s speed and efficiency. Our intuitive user interface is unmatched in the industry and provides for total data-driven situational awareness at all times. Information is intelligently grouped to provide your team accelerated access to all the data they need to investigate and collaborate on threat events. Our robust user experience allows IT administrators and day-to-day analysts to observe, analyze, prioritize and respond to threats in real time. It also delivers C-suite highlights like reduced time to resolution, minimizing of human error and ability to monitor and enforce policy decisions.

Security Visualized

ThreatWarrior’s Threat Visualizer is a real-time, robust 3D interface that provides pervasive network visibility and an accelerated understanding of the threat surface. Our visualizer delivers sophisticated analytics with instant intrusion detection and threat scoring, enabling security teams to respond faster and business leaders to make management decisions. With ThreatWarrior’s Visualizer, users are provided full-fidelity forensics and a universal view of the security environment, including physical, virtual, cloud, hybrid and Industrial Control System networks.

Our comprehensive, stunning interface intelligently groups data, uncovers hidden patterns and identifies emerging threats – even those that are unable to breach your firewall. We deliver real-time views of device behavior, interactions and threat events, and point-in-time history retention and threat records make it easy to search and investigate past events.

To see your network is to understand it, and no one delivers more visibility than ThreatWarrior.

Cybersecurity forensics via a 3D user interface Real-time visibility into device and human behavior
Predictive Cyber Defense
Predictive Defense

Proactive detection of cyberattacks via unsupervised machine learning and advanced neural networks keep you steps ahead of cyber criminals.

Quarantine threats detected on the network
Device Quarantine

Stop threats before they stop your business. When suspicious activity occurs, use ThreatWarrior to rapidly quarantine devices - immediately and autonomously suspending network access until an investigation is complete.

Rapid detection and analysis of your entire threat surface
Global Oversight

Our 3D graphic visualizer enables rapid analysis of the entire threat surface through a stunning, intuitive user interface.

Immediate value and detection of cybersecurity threats
Immediate Value

ThreatWarrior is installed in 20 minutes and immediately begins monitoring network activity to identify threats on day one.

Full-spectrum threat protection
Comprehensive Security

Full-spectrum threat protection defends against all threat types including insider attacks, zero-day exploits, data manipulation, malware and more.

Evolves with your company adapting to new threats on the landscape

ThreatWarrior evolves with your organization and constantly adapts to new risks in the threat landscape.

Improve your security team’s efficiency
Increase Efficiencies

Use ThreatWarrior to improve your security team’s efficiency while reducing resource consumption, workload and operational expenses.

Scales from small to large businesses to provide full cyber threat detection
Massively Scalable

All organizations are attack targets, not just large businesses. ThreatWarrior is massively scalable and affordable – empowering SMBs with the same cyber defense technology large corporations utilize.

Integrates with all devices and data sources
Data Agnostic

ThreatWarrior seamlessly integrates with all data sources and works on all networks and devices – saving you time, money and a whole lot of headaches.

End-to-End Coverage
End-to-End Coverage

Detect and defend against all threats to your organization across your entire ecosystem, endpoint-to-endpoint, physical, cloud or otherwise.

Multi-tenant cyber security solution
Multi-tenant Solution

ThreatWarrior’s multi-tenant capabilities allows MSSPs and MSPs offering ThreatWarrior to leverage a single infrastructure for all their customers.

Simplified cyber security
Security Simplified

ThreatWarrior is simple to deploy and manage – even if your organization doesn’t have a 24x7 security team in place – helping reduce overhead costs.

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