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ThreatWarrior provides world-class cybersecurity services and deep expertise that spans the entire security space. Our comprehensive services strengthen your security posture and help you define strategies, mitigate security risks, identify cyber threats and maximize cybersecurity ROI. We tailor our solutions to each client’s specific need, ensuring that our service offering is a perfect fit for your unique environment.

Threat Monitoring

We hunt cybercrime so you don’t have to.

The pressure to protect critical systems and data is constant. Monitoring your network activity is a necessary component of any security strategy, not to mention a requirement for regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST, and more. The problem is, 24x7 monitoring can be a strain on internal teams that often causes gaps in network monitoring – but cybercrime doesn’t sleep, so your cybersecurity can’t either.

ThreatWarrior provides 24x7 ThreatWarrior security monitoring services to give you peace of mind that your business is protected, even if your team is busy. Our AI-powered solution provides comprehensive visibility into the entire threat surface, and our expert team can help you monitor, manage and analyze activity from any device in your network.

With ThreatWarrior, you can focus on your business while we focus on securing it. Our team helps:

-       Expertly monitor your environment for advanced threat detection 24x7

-       Identify and mitigate cyber threats before damage occurs

-       Provide actionable, real-time threat intelligence

-       Escalate threat response alerts to appropriate parties in your organization

-       Continuously guard your network with ThreatWarrior

Cybersecurity Consulting

ThreatWarrior works with your team to help optimize your security strategy before an attack occurs. Our AI solutions and unparalleled expertise enable you to go beyond traditional security methods to create a proactive, preventative security posture.

When you partner with us, you have access to our highly-skilled and easy-to-work-with cybersecurity experts. We help you evaluate the integrity of your security architecture to ensure your business is built on infrastructure that supports evolving technology and adapts to constantly-mutating threats.

Our technology-agnostic team offers wide-ranging knowledge in virtually all aspects. Our diverse capabilities include exploring your security ecosystem to identify vulnerabilities, assessing current applications for security flaws, and reviewing systems and network architecture to ensure best practices.

ThreatWarrior addresses all your security needs and helps you maximize resources by:

-       Creating security solutions tailored to your unique environment

-       Identifying and managing threat events faster and more efficiently

-       Educating business leaders on cybersecurity ROI and lowering total cost of ownership

-       Aligning security strategies with business goals and objectives

-       Validating security designs by assessing code, architecture and network security

-       Developing management procedures and vulnerability remediation

Cybersecurity Training

Enhance the security capabilities of your entire team with ThreatWarrior's security training services and improve their ability to prevent and respond to cyberattacks.

Increasingly advanced cyberattacks constantly bombard organizations at their weakest link – employees. With increased awareness and training for all users, you can help defend your network and keep your business free from compromise.

We believe in arming your team with the knowledge to optimize network, system and device security. Our deep expertise ensures that all users – even nontechnical – understand their role in the security chain and can apply this knowledge to their daily operations.

Our training is customized to your specific needs and security environment and can help you exercise industry best practices, minimize risks, fulfill compliance requirements and more. ThreatWarrior’s team of security and awareness experts provide:

-       ThreatWarrior product training to understand and maximize system benefits

-       Cyber best practices to protect the human element of your environment

-       Regulatory and compliance assistance

-       Incident response training to effectively strengthen your organization’s security

-       Employee training to increase security expertise

-       Guidance on engineering your business with security from the ground up

Threat Management & Response

Cyber criminals grow more sophisticated every day and traditional reactive security methods are no match for their complex cyberattacks. It’s time to get proactive with your threat management.

ThreatWarrior’s threat management capabilities allow you to examine and understand your vulnerabilities proactively, helping you minimize the impacts of a breach. We enable early threat identification and data-driven situational awareness, empowering accelerated decision making and threat mitigation.

We correlate threat identification, incident response and threat intelligence for deep insight to address your security flaws. Our behavioral monitoring allows for comprehensive data visibility and full-spectrum threat identification and remediation.

With ThreatWarrior, you can maintain an advanced lineup of security experts that help solve your most difficult challenges, even without an in-house team. We help:

-       Identify and investigate threat indicators before they cause damage

-       Build insight into attacker’s behavior, techniques and targets

-       Rapidly respond to emerging threats

-       Discover vulnerabilities across your entire network

-       Demonstrate reliable threat management to your stakeholders and auditors

-       Develop effective solutions for security flaws

-       Coordinate system weaknesses with human factors to quantify risks

-       Detect threats others miss, including unknown threats, insider attacks, APTs and more

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