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Unified XDR to Stop Breaches


Integrate your multiple sources of data, analytics, security tools, software systems, infrastructure, and more to achieve true extended detection and response (XDR) with ThreatWarrior.


Traditional XDR solutions focus on integrating different security technologies: network, endpoint, and log solutions. However, this approach leaves out other valuable sources of information across your software systems, infrastructure, operational technology, and more.

ThreatWarrior’s XDR Service leverages modules that allow us to integrate best-in-class solutions for full visibility across your entire security and technology ecosystem. We harness security technologies and all of your unique data sources to deliver true Contextual Insights™ to help you stop breaches.

Contextual Insights™

ThreatWarrior analyzes data from across your ecosystem to help you understand how a cyberattack occurred, delivering Contextual Insights to help you stop it now and prevent it in the future.

Purpose-Built Integrations

ThreatWarrior’s modules help accelerate detection and response with XDR-designed workflows, automation, and more, all with a unified language for seamless communication and coordination.

Complete Coverage

ThreatWarrior’s XDR Service ensures that you have comprehensive coverage across your ecosystem, combining NDR, EDR, SIEM, IoT and OT protection, cloud and email security, and more.



ThreatWarrior Contextual Insights™ helps you understand your entire ecosystem — from the edge to the core and from the network to the endpoint. We deliver the context, analytics, forensics, and threat hunting capabilities you need to detect and stop threats wherever they occur.

Contextual Insights™
We harness intelligence from a variety of sources and combine that with deep learning, continuous deep packet inspection, behavioral analytics, and more to help you gain the Contextual Insights necessary to understand your environment.

Complete Visibility
ThreatWarrior analyzes and correlates information from NDR, EDR, SIEM, software systems, infrastructure, and more to help you achieve a true XDR strategy and see everything happening across your enterprise.

True Defense-in-Depth
Our modules cover nearly all major security domains including network, endpoint, IoT, email, and cloud, so your XDR strategy covers every layer of defense.

Custom XDR
ThreatWarrior leverages plugins with different functionalities that orchestrate with our central XDR Service. This advanced method allows us to deploy different plugins and capabilities to each ThreatWarrior instance as needed by each customer. You choose which tools to integrate, your scope of coverage, and security domains to include.

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