See Everything with Advanced Network Intelligence | ThreatWarrior

See everything happening on your network and digital supply chain.

ThreatWarrior delivers real-time visibility across your on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

Use our platform to automatically identify every user, application and entity whether managed or unmanaged. Evaluate data flow, analyze communication and understand context for every interaction across your physical and virtual networks.


Autonomously discovers, maps and classifies every asset across traditional, hybrid, cloud, IoT and OT networks

Delivers a complete view of businesses assets, analyzing your attack surface to detect malicious intent

Shows you real-time policy violations across hybrid, public and multicloud environments

In the Cloud

ThreatWarrior’s capabilities extend to your cloud, delivering continuous visibility into your dynamic cloud workloads. Use our platform to see the topology of your virtual landscape, such as virtual machines, security groups, compute instances and Kubernetes clusters, and understand the context for how those entities are interacting across the virtual network.


With no agents and zero operational impact, ThreatWarrior continuously identifies and classifies all network-connected devices from laptops, security cameras and smart TVs to hard-to-see, rogue and even unmanaged devices.

Understand Your Network with Deep Packet Inspection

 ThreatWarrior’s Continuous Deep Packet Inspection Engine performs traffic discovery with more than 6 million traffic classifications and 250 protocols. Our solution observes actual network traffic and does not trust well-known ports to determine traffic type, like first-generation solutions. This provides visibility into all connected entities and helps to identify all threat types including the many manifestations of malware, trojans, and advanced persistent threats.

Unlike traditional packet capture and plain packet filtering, deep packet inspection (DPI) examines more than just packet headers. It allows you to dissect and analyze the packet payload and all network data, identifying granular information from end to end. DPI enhances network security by helping you understand which application packets belong to, and revealing network patterns and user behavior.

ThreatWarrior’s 3D Universe

Built with ThreatWarrior’s proprietary Unified Application Development Language (UADL), our 3D Universe provides complete, unified visibility into your enterprise ecosystem: on-premises devices, cloud environments, IoT, everything.

The graphical interface is simple and intuitive, and shows all connected entities and data flow in real time. The 3D Universe exposes anomalous activity and emerging threats while prioritizing the most critical issues to keep your team focused where needed.

The 3D Universe empowers fast, efficient forensic investigations, providing actionable intelligence for better, data-driven security decisions.

Our visual explanation of security incidents along with their context provides meaningful information for all users from security analysts to executives.

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