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ThreatWarrior Detection and Response

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The cybersecurity dilemma has remained unchanged for years. Every organization has a large complex attack surface. Attackers are relentless. Prevention measures are evaded. Security telemetry is overwhelming. Security teams can’t keep up.

Until now.

ThreatWarrior’s threat detection and response platform – whether deployed as an NDR or XDR solution – tips the scales. Overworked and underappreciated security teams can now become warriors. Warriors who can win the battle of threat signal detection, analysis, and decision-making before an IOC or breach ends in calamity.

Why You Need ThreatWarrior

ThreatWarrior hunts down threats and spots indicators of compromise before they become a full-blown breach.

  • Provides complete IT/OT environment visibility
  • Monitors network communications in real-time
  • Automatically identifies known and unknown threats
  • Detects your network, endpoint and identity behavioral anomalies
  • Discovers policy violations
  • Stops in-progress attacks
Business Benefits


ThreatWarrior does more than just protect your IT environment; it delivers tangible business benefits.

  1. Our solution reduces risk of financial and/or reputational loss by automating the detection of threats and indicators of compromise (IOCs).
  2. This allows your human capital to focus on decision-making where it matters most. 
  3. Plus, with easy integration with existing network, endpoint, and identity data sources, ThreatWarrior elevates your security ROI.

ThreatWarrior NDR Solution

ThreatWarrior’s detection and response platform provides a powerful Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution:

Real-time Network Monitoring

Continuously monitors network traffic, capturing data from various sources including firewalls, switches and other network devices. Identifies 250+ protocols, 30,000+ threat signatures, 6.5+ million traffic classifications. Actively integrates numerous threat intelligence feeds. This real-time monitoring allows for immediate detection of suspicious activities and potential security breaches.

Advanced Threat Detection

Leverages sophisticated unsupervised neural networking and deep learning to analyze network traffic patterns and identify abnormal behavior. This includes detecting unusual traffic, unauthorized access attempts, data exfiltration, malware communication, and other potential indicators of compromise.

Packet Capture and Analysis

Captures and analyzes network packets, providing detailed insights into network communications – crucial for investigating security incidents, understanding attack vectors, and performing forensic analyses.

Anomaly Detection and Behavioral Analysis

Uses behavioral analysis to establish baselines of normal network behavior. When deviations from these baselines are detected, it raises alerts for potential security incidents, even if the specific attack is previously unknown.

Response and Mitigation

Not only detect threats but also provides response capabilities to help security teams take immediate action. This may include isolating compromised devices, blocking malicious traffic, or triggering automated incident response workflows.

ThreatWarrior XDR Solution

ThreatWarrior’s NDR solution can be easily expanded into a comprehensive Extended Detection and Response (XDR):

Benefits of NDR

All of the same feature power and security / business benefit of ThreatWarrior’s NDR solution.

Beyond Network-Focused Detection

ThreatWarrior XDR expands beyond network-focused detection and encompasses multiple security domains while providing enhanced analytics and automated response capabilities.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Integrates activity logs, behavior and anomalies, security events, file and process analysis, and context and metadata.

Windows Events and Active Directory

Integrates identity data and learns to recognize normal login times, typical work hours, usual access patterns, privilege escalation and lateral movement, unusual access attempts, suspicious changes in user permissions, signs of account compromise and credential theft, suspicious process executions, registry modifications, unauthorized changes to critical system files, etc.

Comprehensive View of Environment

ThreatWarrior XDR provides complete visibility of data everywhere, and enables the detection of complex, multi-stage attacks that may involve multiple vectors.

Platform Architecture

Data Collection

Data Collection

We have dedicated modules for network, endpoint, and identity data collection, capturing everything from Netflow, Firewall logs, and Deep Packet Inspection to CrowdStrike EDR, Carbon Black EDR, Active Directory, and Windows Events.

Multi-engine, Cloud-Native

Multi-Engine Cloud-Native Data Analysis

Our continuous Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine, behavioral engine, cloud entity detection engine, integrations engine, rules and policy engine, and insights engine work together to provide deep visibility, anomaly detection, alert correlation, and rich insights.



ThreatWarrior integrates seamlessly with your enforcement products and processes, ensuring a swift response to identified threats.



Whether it’s a full suite of network, endpoint, and identity data sources, or a subset, ThreatWarrior can provide valuable threat detection and response.

We advocate always leveraging, if not starting with, network data.

Our solution enables on-premises data collection via physical or virtual appliances, and cloud data collection via VPC-located virtual appliances.

Furthermore, we provide robust integrations for endpoint quarantine enforcement, firewall rule updates, and back-end response/remediation ticketing systems.

Unique Attributes

DataAnalyzes the Right Data: ThreatWarrior ingests a plethora of data including deep packet inspection, network flow data, EDR data, Windows Events, Active Directory data, and numerous threat intelligence feeds.

Deep LearningUnsupervised Deep Learning: Far beyond more typical ‘AI’ claims (stacked analytics, Bayesian inference, supervised ML), ThreatWarrior uses next-gen unsupervised neural networking and deep learning to transform raw data into higher-order decision-ready information.

No Pre-trainingNo Pre-training:
We believe your IT environment is unique. That’s why our deep learning model learns strictly from your environment, not someone else’s, ensuring abnormal behavior generates real alerts.

EnginesMulti-engine Inspection:
Our suite of engines work together to minimize false positives and provide full-context situational awareness and predictive analytics.

Continuous Monitoring:
Whether malicious or benign, everything has to cross a network to achieve anything. Deployed as NDR alone, or within our broader XDR solution, ThreatWarrior provides visibility into all traffic – north-south and east-west – to deliver a full picture of network activity.

100% Visibility:
As a true hybrid-cloud solution, ThreatWarrior protects anything connected to your network – on-premises machines, IoT devices, cloud environments, industrial control systems, and more.

SegmentationNano-segmentation: ThreatWarrior goes further than traditional micro-segmentation. We detect ad-hoc applications on your network and notice deviations in the behavior of any device.

3DTrue 3D Dynamic Visualization: Our 3D Universe provides a spherical view of your network, including alerts, notifications, and suggested actions when something worthy of attention occurs. 

ScoringSophisticated Threat Scoring: Our solution ranks each threat severity independently, by event. This contextual approach makes our threat scoring more powerful than simple scoring algorithms.

NLPNatural Language Expression: Gone are the days of spending valuable time translating security ‘tech-speak’ to management-worthy explanation. ThreatWarrior provides that automatically. 

Turn Your Security Team Into Warriors

ThreatWarrior’s cutting-edge unsupervised deep learning offers unprecedented visibility into your IT environment, detecting both known and unknown threats in real time, minimizing false positives, and enabling swift and effective response to attacks.

Its multi-engine inspection, sophisticated threat scoring, and unique 3D dynamic visualization capabilities provide your security team with an unparalleled level of threat identification, analysis, and easy-to-understand contextualization.

ThreatWarrior is simply the best ally your security team can have – taking away the drudgery and empowering them to become decision-making warriors.

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself! Contact us today to arrange a demo and see ThreatWarrior in action.

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