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Minimize risk in your supply chain

Digital Supply Chain Protection

Identify known threat signatures and anomalies in your digital supply chain, including in your other security tools. We use deep learning AI to provide unprecedented threat intelligence and identify threats others miss.

See Everything  

See threats to your digital supply chain in real time, identifying all connections between third-party tools and your own network.

Learn Behaviors 

Learn the behavior of your digital supply chain, including other security tools, third-party vendors, applications, cloud workloads and more.

Act Efficiently 

Act quickly to stop threats in your digital supply chain while streamlining triage, investigation, response and remediation.

Move beyond monitoring into advanced digital supply chain protection and proactive threat hunting.

Proactive threat hunting using ThreatWarrior's deep-learning AI

You’ll see your attackers,
but they wont see ThreatWarrior

ThreatWarrior is passive and agentless — monitoring your digital supply chain while remaining invisible to would-be attackers that might lie dormant while being actively observed.

Monitor version updates and detect behavioral changes

ThreatWarrior alerts to any suspicious or anomalous behavior, including unwanted activity, or added featured introduced through version auto-updates.

supply chain threat detection and protection
One day, a security tool began unexpectedly scanning our network. It turned out to be benign — the vendor added this functionality in an auto-update but never informed us. ThreatWarrior detected this anomaly when no other tool did. This gives us the confidence that ThreatWarrior provides a much needed additional layer of protection over our security supply chain.
See how proactive threat hunting protected this cancer center

Moffitt Cancer Center

See how a leading cancer center used ThreatWarrior to detect another security tool unknowingly scanning their network.


Contextual Intelligence Across Every Infrastructure to Deliver Signal

Digital Supply Chain Protection  

Protect your critical applications, systems, cloud workloads, and digital supply chain relationships across your entire ecosystem.

Network Detection and Response 

Protect your infrastructure and devices, whether managed or unmanaged, on-premises or in the cloud with next-generation NDR.

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