ThreatWarrior | Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD)

Learn the normal behavior your network and digital supply chain.

As cyber threats evolve to evade traditional security measures, it can be difficult for security teams to keep up. You need cybersecurity that can adapt and evolve to the always-changing threat landscape.

ThreatWarrior leverages a combination of unsupervised deep neural networks, supervised machine learning and advanced analytics to identify attacker behavior. The platform autonomously adapts to new evidence in real time, enabling you to understand the behaviors of everything on your assets including virtual machines, third-party tools, vendor applications, microservices, devices and, by proxy, even human users.

Continuously monitor and profile normal behavior of every entity on the network
Identify real threats faster and more efficiently
Determine the normal operating behavior of microservices
Learn the behavior of on-premises machines, cloud environments and devices
Uncover threats through advanced heuristics and behavioral modeling
Escalate severe threats over low-priority incidents to reduce alert fatigue

Deeper Learning, Better Security

ThreatWarrior’s core foundation is a behavioral learning platform powered by deep learning AI. It is the first solution to apply unsupervised deep neural networks to cybersecurity, a technique that mimics the way the human brain processes information. Using our unsupervised neural networks, ThreatWarrior learns every detail of your network without human bias.

This technique is much more powerful and sophisticated than earlier techniques, such as Bayesian machine learning. One big advantage of this technology is that ThreatWarrior excels at feature extraction: building complex hierarchies of meaning to express information from raw data.

Apply this to cybersecurity, and you can derive information from raw traffic like, “Who talked to whom about what?” to conceptualize higher-order patterns in the environment. Using unsupervised neural networks to perform deep learning allows you to observe significantly more detail, so what you see is a better, more accurate picture of your security environment.

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