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Cybersecurity Inspired by Biology


The same way the human body knows itself, ThreatWarrior knows your unique business. Our self-learning cyber defense technology detects known threats, behavioral anomalies, insider attacks and more to keep you ahead of cyberattacks.

AI-Powered Protection

As humans, our bodies are under constant attack – germs, bacteria, and pathogens of all kinds are always trying to infiltrate. Most are successfully repelled, but despite the vitamins we take, the shield our skin provides, and the hygiene measures we employ, we still end up occasionally getting sick. When we do, we notice that something doesn’t “feel right,” and symptoms begin to emerge. Our immune system senses the anomaly – the disturbance to our pattern of “normal” – and triggers an immune response to ensure the protection and longevity of the entire biological organism.

The same should be true for businesses.

ThreatWarrior applies this same approach to cybersecurity, disrupting how enterprises have secured their networks in the past with our AI-powered Cyber Immune Response™ technology.

3D Visualization

ThreatWarrior’s 3D Universe provides complete visibility into your enterprise ecosystem: on-premise devices, SaaS, IoT, hybrid, cloud, everything. This interactive visual display shows all network data flow in real-time and provides actionable intelligence so your team can make fast, data-driven security decisions.  

With state-of-the-art visualization techniques, the 3D Universe automatically alerts analysts to any threats or security incidents within their environment, enabling security teams to proactively analyze, investigate and resolve threats in any at-risk areas.

Threats are evolving. Your cybersecurity should too.

Data, Intelligence
Rapid Response

Constantly-Evolving AI

ThreatWarrior’s unsupervised neural networks self-learn what is normal, and therefore abnormal, for your network. Like human DNA, ThreatWarrior will grow and evolve with your business over time.

Actionable Intelligence

Our platform learns network behavior to provide actionable intelligence and real-time attack visibility. Through constant surveillance and analysis, the system proactively exposes cyberattacks.

Rapid Response

ThreatWarrior quickly identifies unusual activity on your network, empowering immediate response. Take fast action to minimize damage and stop threats before they disrupt your business.

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