CyberCloud - ThreatWarrior Supply Chain Threat Detection

ThreatWarrior CyberCloud


The ThreatWarrior CyberCloud is the first purpose-built cybersecurity platform designed to protect both critical infrastructure and the software supply chain. Our public and private cloud approach provides our customers peace of mind that ThreatWarrior can prevent, detect and respond to even the most sophisticated nation-state attacks.  

ThreatWarrior CyberCloud protects you from threats both inside and outside of your network, starting with your software supply chain — all while remaining invisible to threat actors.

Deployed in Our Cloud

Prevent attacks and detect anomalies in your software supply chain.  

ThreatWarrior’s CyberCloud protects your entire software supply chain including any critical applications with auto-updates.


  • 100% agentless – no endpoint software, no complex configurations 
  • Observe behavior of critical third-party tools to identify anomalies before deploying auto-updates 
  • The only real-time deep learning solution for network and supply chain protection 

Deployed in Your Cloud 

Detect and respond to threats in your network.

Use ThreatWarrior to protect your entire network including public and private cloud environments.

  • The industry’s most complete network threat protection platform
  • 100% virtual SaaS solution — no hardware installation necessary, no complexity

ThreatWarrior CyberCloud: Prevent. Detect. Respond.

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