Healthcare Cybersecurity

Due to the digitization of healthcare operations and medical records, healthcare organizations are at a high risk for cyberattacks – especially considering the sensitivity and value of the data held in their information systems.

ThreatWarrior protects your network and helps you identify threats before they’ve had time to cause damage – helping you mitigate cybersecurity risks and keeping your healthcare organization healthy.

Reduce burden on healthcare security teams
Minimize Impact

Reduce the impact and burden on healthcare IT and security teams while providing resource optimization without hindering care providers.

Preserve public trust and eliminate unplanned costs as a result of data breaches
Maximize Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your security team and exceed IT security standards to maintain public trust and mitigate unplanned costs due to breaches.

Defend patient data and healthcare assets
Defend Proactively

Use ThreatWarrior to proactively guard against cyber threats and defend all patient data and critical assets from malicious cyber activity, even in the cloud.

Traditional Solutions Aren’t Enough

There are obvious privacy concerns when dealing with healthcare data. Because of the information in medical records, healthcare data is incredibly easy to manipulate and monetize. What’s more, due to increasing ransomware attacks, hackers can hold data hostage until your health organization buys it back.

In addition to privacy concerns, data breaches can cause irreparable reputation damage, even jeopardizing consumer confidence in your healthcare system. Another concerning issue is not data loss or theft, but the altering of data; damage to data integrity. Healthcare records are meticulous and precise, and if data is changed without your knowledge, the potential for catastrophic damage is high. Consider the harm of medical histories being corrupted, pharmaceutical allergy data tampered with, or disease status changed.

Because of this, traditional security solutions are no longer enough in the new world of cyber assaults. Only an AI solution can protect against known and unknown cyber threats to your network. ThreatWarrior offers all health providers – whether you’re a small clinic or large healthcare conglomerate – a way to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats with adaptive AI technology. We work with healthcare organizations to fortify security strategies and deliver real-time situational awareness to protect you from criminal actors, malicious insiders and human negligence.

How ThreatWarrior Protects Healthcare Organizations

Find Threats Others Miss

Modern cyberattacks can evade other healthcare cybersecurity solutions and infect medical devices, leveraging hidden connections to carry out targeted attacks. ThreatWarrior quickly identifies these threats before they execute.

Comprehensive Protection

Connected "things" present unique challenges to healthcare providers. ThreatWarrior protects all devices on your network, including connected medical devices, home health monitors, mobile medical apps, CT scanners and more.

Network Visibility

ThreatWarrior strengthens your asset inventory and provides visibility into any device connected to your healthcare network, even if they were added without oversight from your IT team.

Reduce Costs

HIPAA negligence violations can be costly and catastrophic to healthcare providers. ThreatWarrior’s real-time threat analysis correlates network context and accelerates action, helping you mitigate data loss and damages from breaches.

Did you know…

It is estimated that data breaches cost the healthcare industry a staggering $6.5 billion annually.

- The Ponemon Institute

Federal fines for HIPAA noncompliance are based on the level of perceived negligence and can range from $100 to $50,000 per violation, with a maximum penalty of $1.5 million per year for each.

- The Compliancy Group

Medical records are worth up to 10 times more than credit card information on the dark web.

- Reuters
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