Operational Technology - ThreatWarrior


Complete OT Protection

Gain 100% visibility across your OT environments. Protect against known and unknown threats, strengthen operational resilience, and detect threats that other solutions miss.

Complete Visibility

Discover threats and early indicators of compromise across OT, legacy systems, ICS, SCADA, and much more.


ThreatWarrior is passive and agentless, so we are invisible to threat actors, cannot be turned off or evaded, and protect OT that cannot support endpoint agents.

Network Truth

We use continuous deep packet inspection to examine network traffic in real time to find the ground truth of what’s happening across your IT and OT environments.

Continuous Threat Protection

ThreatWarrior OT empowers you to immediately detect and respond to threats across your industrial environment. Our platform is always monitoring for known and unknown threats to help you stop attacks before they impact operations.

ThreatWarrior Threat Score Alerts

Constantly-Evolving AI

ThreatWarrior uses deep unsupervised neural networks to self-learn what is normal for your OT environments — and what isn’t. We help identify and stop threats at the earliest stages, even for legacy technology that can’t keep up with emerging threats.

Always-Up-to-Date Asset Inventory

You can’t protect what you can’t see. ThreatWarrior OT delivers a constantly updated asset inventory to comprehensively manage all assets in your industrial operations. Detect when new devices access your environment, and protect technology that cannot support other security approaches like endpoint agents.


ThreatWarrior’s multiple engines work together to analyze and correlate data, adding contextual intelligence to alerts. This helps reduce false positives and filter out low-risk threats, keeping your team focused on the most consequential threats to your complex OT and hybrid IT/OT environments.

Behavioral Engine

Unsupervised neural networks self-learn the normal operating behavior of all entities on your network, alerting you and autonomously responding when anomalies are detected. This approach is significantly more accurate and sophisticated than other AI and machine learning techniques.

Insights Engine
Provides long-term behavioral profiling of networks and the entities that live on them. By tying together raw network traffic, deep packet inspection results, parsed protocol data, known threats, and AI engine results, ThreatWarrior offers full-context situational awareness and predictive analytics to keep security teams ahead of threats.
Rules and Policies Engine
Extend compliance and policy enforcement across your enterprise. Identify security gaps and vulnerabilities, define policies and automate their enforcement, making corporate governance easier than ever.
Deep Packet Inspection Engine
Continuous deep packet inspection performs traffic discovery with more than 6 million traffic classifications and 250+ protocols. ThreatWarrior observes actual network traffic and provides visibility into all entities, identifying threats including the many manifestations of malware, trojans, and advanced persistent threats. Continuous DPI delivers insight beyond packet headers to determine the content, context, and intent of observed communicaiton. This provides more, better data than traditional PCAP or net flows.
Integrations Engine
ThreatWarrior is technology agnostic and seamlessly integrates with third-parties and other security tools you are already using.
Cloud Entity Detection Engine
Provides a unified view of all public cloud assets to simplify cloud security and management. Users gain a dynamic view of cloud environments, including virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters, microservices and more. ThreatWarrior enables analysts to learn how cloud entities interact and behave across multi-cloud environments, with contextual intelligence delivered through unified cloud languages.

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