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Respond immediately to threat activity other solutions fail to even see.

While legacy solutions struggle to keep up with stealthy, fast-moving attacks, ThreatWarrior delivers targeted action against all cyber threats in real time. Choose from automated or manual responses to stop malware, APTs, policy violations and more before they cause damage.

Our automated response capabilities help keep your business protected 24/7 while smart routing ensures that appropriately-skilled analysts are alerted to threats. Plus, ThreatWarrior drastically reduces false positives, keeping your security team focused where needed.


Delivers unified protection across your entire ecosystem
Stops unknown attacks with unmatched speed and precision
Correlates network events, data patterns and analyst behavior to respond to threats efficiently and effectively
Sustains regular business operations while stopping threats

Incident Response

Achieve greater SecOps efficiencies with ThreatWarrior and take various types of incident response within seconds — contain unmanaged devices, cut off network access for compromised systems, and gain deep forensic insights to quickly investigate, respond to and resolve threat activity.

  • Automated response protects your business even when you can’t be there and keeps your analysts focused on the most consequential threats
  • Smart routing delivers the signal through the noise and ensures that the most appropriate member of your security team addresses threats — whether that’s senior level, junior level, or automated analysis and response

Define and Govern Policies

Extend compliance and policy enforcement across your enterprise with ThreatWarrior. Our platform helps you identify security gaps and vulnerabilities, define policies and automate their enforcement, making corporate governance easier than ever.

We correlate network context with entity behavior to identify and respond to policy violations immediately. Configure ThreatWarrior to suspend network access for suspect devices, initiate triage and remediation workflows for compliance infractions, and alert your security team if further action is needed.

Dynamic Threat Score

ThreatWarrior delivers deep insight into network activity and calculates your overall Threat Score to provide an easy-to-understand look into your threat landscape. As your network evolves and interacts, ThreatWarrior learns and adapts to these changes, adjusting to your ‘new normal’ to ensure Threat Score accuracy over time.

Your Threat Score is a number between 0 and 100, with configurable parameters for which analysts are alerted to threats at which thresholds. The overall score is an aggregation of numerous live network assessments correlated with behavioral context. For example, an employee accessing a printer they don’t typically use might be anomalous but not dangerous. However, an employee accessing a system they normally wouldn’t and exfiltrating data after hours indicates multiple anomalies. ThreatWarrior would assess this activity and increase your Threat Score accordingly.

Threat Scores are extensible and dynamic — as you learn more about your organization, you can refine thresholds and rules so your Threat Score always helps your team focus where needed.

AI Cyber Analyst

Human security teams spend much of their time searching through alerts to identify and hunt down true malicious activity. They manually analyze, triage and attempt to resolve threat activity while often coordinating with other team or department members. ThreatWarrior’s AI Cyber Analyst™ continuously and autonomously carries out this process at speed and scale impossible for humans.

Plus, ThreatWarrior doesn’t just monitor your network for unusual behavior and other security threats: it watches and learns as your analysts respond to those threats — growing better, smarter and faster all the time.

The ThreatWarrior AI Cyber Analyst is unique to each organization, adapting as it changes and grows. It operates 24/7, many times faster than any human, correlating network events with analyst behavior. ThreatWarrior’s AI Cyber Analyst then applies advanced heuristics and behavioral modeling to anticipate which security incidents are most relevant to your team. ThreatWarrior proactively escalates these severe threats over low-priority incidents, keeping analysts focused where their attention is most needed.

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