ThreatWarrior | Overview


Protect your network and digital supply chain

ThreatWarrior safeguards your hybrid enterprise and keeps you immune from cyberattacks. Use our platform to gain insight, visibility and real-time protection across your entire digital estate.


See everything happening across your enterprise and digital supply chain in real time with continuous deep packet inspection.


Learn the behavior of everything communicating in your organization through our proprietary approach to deep learning.


Act efficiently to understand and stop cyber threats, and streamline triage, investigation, response and remediation.

Why ThreatWarrior

See 30,000+ known threats to your network and digital supply chain in real time

Learn normal behavior of your network and digital supply chain

Act on all cyber threats with more speed, efficacy and accuracy

Unified Protection And Visibility

Easily integrate and analyze network data with ThreatWarrior. The platform simplifies and unifies multiple clouds and environments to deliver complete protection from one consolidated location.

Our SaaS platform identifies, classifies and protects every network-connected ‘thing’ and provides a rich 3D Universe that shows real-time traffic, communication, and connections between those assets.

ThreatWarrior provides a contextual understanding of your network, helping you make smarter, data-driven security decisions. We eliminate every blind spot, and keep you aware of every activity across your enterprise, allowing you to quickly stop emerging threats.

Fast Deployment & Frictionless Integration

Deploying ThreatWarrior doesn’t require special skills. Our guided process helps you seamlessly connect ThreatWarrior in minutes without installing agents, changing your existing infrastructure or making complex configurations.

ThreatWarrior seamlessly integrates with existing security tools from firewalls to SIEMs to SOARs and other IT management systems to provide increased value, greater visibility and more automated response.

Deploy Wherever You Are

Deploy in leading public clouds including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Get complete visibility and protection across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with limitless scalability.

Virtual Sensor

Designed with flexibility in mind. Run ThreatWarrior’s advanced SaaS offering on hardware you already own, reducing costs. Gain powerful intrusion detection, incident response, and analytics that scale with your business.


Simple to deploy and integrate. Plugs into the TAP/SPAN port at your core switch, passively mirroring data to monitor your network and provide intrusion detection, incident response, analytics and more.

ThreatWarrior combines deep learning AI with continuous deep packet inspection, entity discovery and automated response that empowers your security team to see and protect every corner of your hybrid or cloud ecosystem. We deliver full east-west visibility and provide payload analysis in real time so you can learn about and stop threats faster.

ThreatWarrior is agentless and API enabled. The platform natively integrates with Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and any OVA compliant hypervisor (i.e. VMWare), and more to provide complete coverage, situational awareness and threat intelligence across an on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud enterprise.

Extensible Platform

ThreatWarrior’s multiple engines work together to analyze and correlate data, adding contextual intelligence to alerts. This helps identify the signal through the noise and reduces false positives, keeping your team focused on the most consequential threats.
Behavioral Engine

Unsupervised neural networks self-learn the normal operating behavior of all entities on your network, alerting you and autonomously responding when anomalies are detected. This approach is significantly more accurate and sophisticated than other AI and machine learning techniques.


Insights Engine

Provides long-term behavioral profiling of networks and the entities that live on them. By tying together raw network traffic, deep packet inspection results, parsed protocol data, known threats, and AI engine results, ThreatWarrior offers full-context situational awareness and predictive analytics to keep security teams ahead of threats.


Deep Packet Inspection Engine

Performs traffic discovery with more than 6 million traffic classifications and 250+ protocols. ThreatWarrior observes actual network traffic and provides visibility into all entities, identifying threats including the many manifestations of malware, trojans, and advanced persistent threats.


Rules and Policies Engine

Extend compliance and policy enforcement across your enterprise. Identify security gaps and vulnerabilities, define policies and automate their enforcement, making corporate governance easier than ever.


Integrations Engine

ThreatWarrior is technology agnostic and seamlessly integrates with third-parties and other security tools you are already using.


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