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ThreatWarrior™ Helping to Protect Moffitt Cancer Center’s Network

January 24, 2019

The leading cancer research and treatment facility protects its data from advanced cyberattacks with next-generation AI technology, ThreatWarrior™.

ThreatWarrior, the first company to apply unsupervised neural networks to cyber defense, today announced that Moffitt Cancer Center has deployed ThreatWarrior™ to protect its network from rapidly-evolving cybercrime and gain complete visibility into its security environment.

Moffitt is one of the top 10 leading cancer research hospitals in the nation, with more than 5,700 employees and a $2.1 billion impact on Florida’s economy. ThreatWarrior will help protect the organization’s critical infrastructure and intellectual property, including research methodologies, treatment processes, and confidential records across the cancer center’s networks.

“Turning on ThreatWarrior and observing how it operates has been a great experience for our team,” Moffitt’s chief information security officer said. “Powerful visualization coupled with ThreatWarrior’s ability to combat even previously unknown cyber attacks is a game changer for our industry.”

Immediately upon installing ThreatWarrior, Moffitt gained a 3D visualization of its entire network, including all firewalls, endpoints, systems and IoT devices. The intuitive, graphical interface let Moffitt’s team easily view and understand their network and threat surface, allowing for optimization and security efficiencies. Since operation, ThreatWarrior has been able to successfully detect and warn against harmful network activity much faster than other solutions, making the security operations center much more efficient.

Unfortunately, healthcare organizations are at increasingly high risk for cyberattacks, as the information they store is exceptionally valuable to malicious actors. Where medical professionals and research scientists see opportunities to help others, hackers only see opportunities for illicit profits and mayhem, with no moral qualms about how many people they hurt.

ThreatWarrior provides a predictive, deep-learning approach with ThreatWarrior, its advanced AI-powered cybersecurity solution. It provides full-spectrum protection against all cyberattacks, evolving with the threat landscape to protect against internal, external, and even previously unknown threats. ThreatWarrior is exponentially more powerful than traditional machine-learning solutions, as it builds and refines its own understanding of each network it monitors instead of depending on its engineers to decide what is important in the massive amount of network data it observes.

“We’re extremely proud to help Moffitt protect the sensitive information of thousands of patients and researchers,” said Pete Slade, ThreatWarrior’s CTO. “Moffitt has proven itself an industry leader time and time again, and we could not be more excited to have them as a customer.”

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