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ThreatWarrior Joins Carbon Black Integration Network (CBIN) to Deliver End-to-End Threat Protection

October 8, 2019

ThreatWarrior, a leader in next-generation network security, and Carbon Black, a leader in cloud-native endpoint protection, today announced a collaboration as part of the Carbon Black Integration Network (CBIN) to help customers improve network visibility, enhance cyber threat resolution, and extend device-level monitoring.

By correlating Carbon Black’s endpoint analytics with full-network visibility and 3D visualization, ThreatWarrior will help customers better understand their networks to identify and stop cyberattacks.

“Organizations often lack the ability to visualize and quickly analyze massive amounts of data,” said Pete Slade, founder and CEO of ThreatWarrior. “ThreatWarrior delivers real-time situational awareness, and makes it easy to see and understand your network. By working with Carbon Black, ThreatWarrior will be able to further provide comprehensive network protection combined with deep insights into endpoint activity.”

ThreatWarrior and Carbon Black take different but complementary approaches to cybersecurity. ThreatWarrior uses advanced machine learning to observe all devices on a network without needing to install software agents. ThreatWarrior is able to display IoT devices, printers, network infrastructure, rogue devices, and more, in a 3D visualization of the entire threat surface rendered onto a single pane of glass. Additionally, ThreatWarrior can digitally quarantine a device on the network when potential compromise is suspected.

Carbon Black’s cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP) continuously monitors a user’s machine to detect malicious files, enforce compliance regulations, detect registry/configuration changes, and block processes to prevent attacks from harming an organization.

Through this collaboration, joint customers will benefit from comprehensive threat visibility, pervasive threat monitoring, and advanced forensics and analytics. The partnership between ThreatWarrior and Carbon Black allows organizations to:

  • Gain a holistic view of threat activity and quarantine network devices through ThreatWarrior
  • Identify and stop more cyber threats by correlating detailed endpoint analytics with network-wide context to detect early threat indicators
  • Visualize network communication and threat events in real time
  • Streamline alerts and response measures by integrating Carbon Black notifications into ThreatWarrior’s centralized alert system

“The work ThreatWarrior has done to provide customers with a comprehensive view of threat activity on the network has been great for the industry,” said Tom Barsi, Carbon Black’s SVP of Business Development. “Now, by joining the Carbon Black Integration Network, the ThreatWarrior team will be able to further understand what’s occurring on the endpoint to keep customers safe from advanced cyberattacks.”

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