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ThreatWarrior and SCA Partner to Deliver Advanced Cybersecurity

December 6, 2016

The partnership combines Security Compliance Associates’ services with next-generation cyber defense.

ThreatWarrior, the company revolutionizing cybersecurity by applying unsupervised neural networks to cyber defense, today announced a partnership with Security Compliance Associates (SCA). SCA is an information security company that delivers cybersecurity assessments and compliance services to hundreds of businesses, including financial institutions, healthcare providers, municipalities and more.

The partnership combines the advanced machine-learning solution, ThreatWarrior, with SCA’s capabilities across its expansive network.

“We are excited about the partnership with ThreatWarrior,” said Jim Brahm, SCA’s managing director and CEO. “Incorporating ThreatWarrior into our robust security offerings will help our clients create comprehensive security strategies that fortify their organizations against extortionists and threat actors.”

With cyberattacks growing more frequent and malicious, businesses are at constant risk of data breaches. Modern cyber threats constantly evolve to bypass traditional security approaches.Cybercriminals move silently through networks, with the average threat going undetected for more than 150 days.

ThreatWarrior monitors a user’s network continuously, providing real-time analysis and alerts to detected threat events. Powered by next-generation artificial intelligence, it constantly learns and evolves with an organization’s ecosystem to help defend against threats. ThreatWarrior provides an intuitive 3D network visualization, delivering deep insight to simplify decision making and enable rapid response.

The solution combines proven-effective threat protection techniques while leveraging advanced AI to learn the behavior of humans and devices on an organization’s network. This allows the system to understand the normal state of an organization, and from there it is able to detect anomalies that indicate even previously unknown internal or external threats.

“As businesses are becoming more advanced, so are the bad actors trying to find their way into them,” said Pete Slade, ThreatWarrior’s chief technology officer. “Businesses need to be prepared for constantly evolving cyber threats, with new exploits each day. ThreatWarrior is the most advanced security solution available, allowing organizations to combat sophisticated in-progress attacks. We’re excited to extend our technology to SCA’s market, and this partnership will strengthen our ability to deliver our innovative technology nationwide.”

About Security Compliance Associates
Security Compliance Associates brings a strong team of experienced professionals to deliver superior services coupled with an unparalleled partnership approach. Their team has provided security related services to hundreds of financial institutions, healthcare providers, municipalities and many businesses required to safeguard critical information, regardless of media.

About ThreatWarrior
ThreatWarrior, the cyber awareness platform for threat hunting and mitigation, empowers organizations to seek out and neutralize cyber threats. ThreatWarrior self-learns and adapts to an always-changing threat landscape. It vigilantly guards against cyber attacks—even ones that don’t exist yet. For more information, visit