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ThreatWarrior Announces Supply Chain Threat Detection

February 1, 2021

ThreatWarrior, the cloud-native threat intelligence platform that delivers complete visibility and cyber protection across the enterprise, today announced the availability of its supply chain threat detection capabilities.

The SolarWinds® attack was a pivotal moment for cybersecurity, proving that sophisticated threat actors could breach an organization through their trusted security supply chain. Further this attack highlighted that it’s not just the security supply chain at risk, but any software application that has access to sensitive data and has auto-update features.

“CISO’s are realizing that they can no longer blindly trust their security supply chains,” said Pete Slade, CTO and chief scientist at ThreatWarrior. “Everything connected to your network is an avenue for attack and tools that pull their own updates introduce added threat opportunities. Malicious actors can infect updates, even feature enhancements and version releases can change behaviors. If you don’t have the capabilities to monitor this suspicious activity you’ll never know.”

ThreatWarrior is natively built to help you better protect your supply chain. It sees and defends your homegrown applications, devices and third-party tools. It can even help you protect your other critical software applications.

Additionally, because ThreatWarrior sits passively on the network, it is obscured from sight by the network switch. As nation-state actors become more sophisticated, they often build their malware to lie dormant while being actively observed. Because ThreatWarrior is invisible, the bad actors will never know that ThreatWarrior is watching, enabling the platform to quickly detect the attack.

ThreatWarrior has proven success in detecting supply chain threats. At Moffitt, a leading cancer hospital and research center, ThreatWarrior detected suspicious behavior in one of Moffitt’s other security solutions. It had begun periodically scanning the network, which was unwarranted activity.

ThreatWarrior immediately raised an alert to this anomalous behavior. After Moffitt investigated, they were able to determine that the vendor had applied a full version update and feature enhancement to its latest patch.

“ThreatWarrior detected this anomaly when no other tool did,” said Dave Summitt, CISO at Moffitt Cancer Center. “This gives us the confidence that ThreatWarrior provides a much needed additional layer of protection over our security supply chain.”

ThreatWarrior’s supply chain threat detection is available now. Contact us today to learn more and start protecting your network from threats that other solutions fail to see.