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ThreatWarrior Announces Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Solution

August 9, 2023

Company expands Contextual Insights™ engine to support both NDR and XDR

Austin, TX, August 9, 2023 – ThreatWarrior, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, is excited to announce ThreatWarrior Extended Detection and Response™ (XDR). Driven by customer demand, the company is now poised to apply its market-leading unsupervised neural networking and deep learning technology prowess – core to its Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution – to a broader set of security use cases and concerns.

Network traffic information remains the bedrock for identifying suspicious and malicious activity. By adding endpoint and identity data into the platform’s Contextual Insights™ engine, ThreatWarrior NDR can be expanded into ThreatWarrior XDR, enabling organizations to identify insider and outsider attack signals even faster and more comprehensively.

“The thoughtful union of specific network, endpoint, and user identity data into our Contextual Insights engine enables our XDR solution to get to the essence of insider, nation-state, supply chain, and operational technology (OT) vulnerabilities and attacks,” said Pete Slade, CTO and Founder of ThreatWarrior. “Using highly-advanced AI to extract precise signals from noise – and then automatically wrapping them with context, prioritization, and definitive explanation for human-in-the-loop decisions – ThreatWarrior XDR is an excellent ally to overworked, understaffed security teams.”

ThreatWarrior’s product line is designed in a modular fashion, enabling customers to start with NDR or XDR and expand however they prefer. As well, the company offers a complement of solution services that can be provided directly, or in conjunction with select MSSP or MDR partners.

“Solutions like NDR and XDR are not ‘nice to haves’. We see them as vital to modern defense in depth,” shared Bill Brown, Bill Brown, CISO & CIO of Abacus Insights. “It’s painfully clear we cannot acquire and retain (let alone afford) enough cybersecurity talent to constantly sift through truckloads of alerts and events, find what’s important, and then identify, analyze, and understand them well enough to take action. Something has to tip the scales. ThreatWarrior’s threat detection and response solutions rip through network, endpoint, and identity telemetry faster and more accurately than anything we’ve seen.”

For more information about ThreatWarrior XDR™, ThreatWarrior NDR™, or to request a demo, please visit or contact our sales team at

About ThreatWarrior

ThreatWarrior is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, offering innovative threat detection and response solutions to help organizations protect critical data and infrastructure. Powered by deep learning and neural network technology, ThreatWarrior NDR and ThreatWarrior XDR integrate appropriate network, endpoint, and identity data with advanced threat intelligence to deliver real-time detection and response, threat hunting, and a prioritized view of vulnerabilities. Either solution extends threat detection and response across your IT/OT infrastructure to eliminate blind spots, find indicators of compromise, and stop in-progress threats before they disrupt your business.