ThreatWarrior for Aws - ThreatWarrior

ThreatWarrior for AWS

ThreatWarrior and AWS have partnered to deliver unparalleled visibility, real-time detection, intelligent response, and threat hunting capabilities to confidently secure your global AWS infrastructure. Gain protection from rogue instances, unauthorized access, misconfigurations, and more with our cloud-native network detection and response (NDR) solution.


Available immediately on AWS Marketplace

Complete visibility across AWS workloads and beyond

Stop threats other solutions miss

Integrated investigation and forensics to track threats across roles and accounts

Protect your AWS infrastructure with no agents

Prioritize real threats for immediate response

Continuously monitor and classify cloud entities with deep packet inspection

Protect Your Cloud with ThreatWarrior 


Eliminate friction and gain real-time threat intelligence, detection and response across your global AWS infrastructure with ThreatWarrior. Our platform natively integrates with AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring to provide continuous visibility and insight into your AWS environments.

AWS Traffic Mirroring allows ThreatWarrior to extract rich details and features from granular packet data to identify anomalies and paint a full picture of the user’s AWS environment. This approach combines traffic capture with endpoint and log telemetry to build a source of truth across your cloud ecosystem.


ThreatWarrior detects advanced threats, lateral movement, and supply chain attacks before they become breaches. We deliver full east-west visibility and provide payload analysis in real time so you can detect and stop threats faster.


ThreatWarrior’s AI-powered platform autonomously considers network context to prioritize the most critical threats so your analysts aren’t bogged down by false positives or low-level alerts. Through accurate detections, high-fidelity evidence, and automated investigation capabilities, ThreatWarior enables you to track threats to their root cause, triage, and prioritize response with just a few clicks.


While legacy solutions struggle to keep up with stealthy, fast-moving attacks, ThreatWarrior delivers targeted action against all cyber threats in real-time. Automated or manual responses stop malware, APTs, policy violations, insecure APIs, unauthorized instances, and more before they cause damage.

As organizations migrate to the cloud and many new businesses adopt a cloud-first strategy, traditional security tools struggle to keep up. Solutions that rely on agents or logs leave blind spots and vulnerabilities, often missing threats entirely.

ThreatWarrior delivers agentless network detection and response (NDR) that stops known and unknown threats across your entire AWS footprint.