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Unified Application Definition Language


ThreatWarrior’s UADL delivers seamless cybersecurity experiences to your organization.¬†

ThreatWarrior’s Unified Application Definition Language (UADL) provides the structure for first-class application modules that seamlessly coexist as peers alongside ThreatWarrior’s own services. UADL allows developers to connect to existing modules, extending their capabilities by enriching data or supplementing the user experience. With ThreatWarrior’s UADL framework, developers can deliver the best experiences for security analysts and leaders, and provide the intelligence they need to protect their organizations from advanced cyber threats.

Leveraging our UADL allows us to deploy different plugins and capabilities to each ThreatWarrior instance as needed by each customer.

This approach enables users to harness intelligence from a variety of sources including network data, logs, endpoint telemetry, and external threat intelligence, along with leveraging unsupervised deep neural networks, continuous deep packet inspection, behavioral analytics, and more to help you build a contextual understanding of your entire organization. 

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