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Add cloud-native cybersecurity to your SaaS offerings

SaaS platform usage is growing rapidly and organizations are demanding increasingly integrated, multi-functional SaaS security solutions. ThreatWarrior enables SaaS providers to bundle our platform with existing offerings to deliver cloud-native network threat intelligence.

ThreatWarrior gives you the ability to deliver a comprehensive security solution built on industry-leading AI and machine learning. Take your bundled offering even further to provide a totally embedded security solution. Our platform is API enabled and seamlessly integrates with your existing user experience, empowering your clients to realize the power of ThreatWarrior from entirely within your SaaS platform.

Benefits for your customers

Advanced detection, response and forensic capabilities that minimize damages and eliminate cyber threats

Automated asset discovery across your customers’ on-premises and cloud ecosystems

Complete visibility and protection for traditional, IoT, hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Extend Your Cybersecurity Capabilities

We make it easy for you to accelerate growth and profitability. By combining your technology and capabilities with our expertise and cloud-native security platform, you can expand your cybersecurity offering to deliver clients increased protection and added value. Integrate with ThreatWarrior to provide real-time network monitoring, continuous deep packet inspection, behavioral analysis and automated response to protect your clients’ assets across their entire digital estate.

Deliver Better Cybersecurity

In the modern business world, a proactive approach to cybersecurity is critical. This ensures you know how protected – and how at risk – your clients are from any cyber threats. With ThreatWarrior, you can prioritize investigation and triage, and decide what actions to take based on threat scores. Work with your customers to set thresholds and define acceptable risk levels so know exactly how to focus defense around their most critical assets. Continuously monitor your clients’ environments with ease to ensure protection from evolving cyberattacks.

Multi-tenant Management

ThreatWarrior enables SaaS providers to easily manage and monitor the distinct environments of multiple tenants. The platform aggregates data into a single view, allowing SaaS providers to oversee all end customers from a consolidated location. ThreatWarrior provides the ability to see, learn about and act on cyber threats remotely. The platform is dynamically scalable and designed to grow and accommodate tenants as they are added.

Single Source of Truth

By embedding ThreatWarrior into your SaaS solution, your platform can become the single source for security truth. Protect all data and assets through your central data platform, unifying disparate systems and elements for simplified and consolidated intelligence. With ThreatWarrior, your cloud solution provides clients the ability to see everything, learn every behavior, and act efficiently to stop cyber threats. They will use your embedded solution to gain a deep network understanding, high-fidelity forensics and insights that make your SaaS platform their source for network truth.

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