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More accurate results in less time

Continuous network monitoring and threat hunting combined with real-time detection and swift investigation are critical in combatting evolving cyber threats. Traditional security tools lack the visibility necessary to identify active attacks, and they can overwhelm analysts with inaccurate and unnecessary alerting.

ThreatWarrior delivers unparalleled visibility into your entire infrastructure — on-premises, IoT, hybrid and multi-cloud assets. Our platform correlates deep intelligence and insights with network-wide context that enables you to see, learn about and mitigate cyberattacks.

With ThreatWarrior, you can quickly detect, investigate, triage and remediate threats — stopping fast-moving attacks other solutions can’t even see.

Turning Information Into Action

ThreatWarrior provides contextual intelligence that enables your team to make fast, data-driven security decisions. Gain threat information in seconds along with actionable remediation workflows and streamlined investigation steps. Every alert provides granular details on observed threat activity and affected devices.

Plus, our 3D Universe makes investigation easier than ever. Quickly visualize threat movement and device connections through an intuitive and immersive interface. Query historical information, search for related events and drill down into packet data for full-fidelity forensics and actionable threat intelligence.

  • Real-time monitoring and traffic analysis
  • Constant situational awareness
  • Attack context in real-time
  • Continuous deep packet inspection
  • Recognition of more than 30,000 known threat signatures in flight, including encrypted signatures
  • Rich forensic data at your fingertips
  • Deep packet analysis on L2-L7 data
  • Advanced AI correlates network events and quickly identifies and analyzes attacker behavior
  • Advanced heuristics and behavioral modeling  escalate the most critical threats to your team
  • Streamlined workflows and remediation recommendations
  • Smart routing ensures appropriate analysts are alerted to threats
  • Auto-remediation to unburden human analysts

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