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Protect Your Cloud Assets with Confidence

ThreatWarrior is the only cloud-native network threat intelligence platform designed specifically to protect the hybrid enterprise. Our platform provides 100% visibility, forensics, threat detection and response at the speed and scale needed to protect your cloud environments.

    ThreatWarrior combines cloud-based machine learning with continuous deep packet inspection, entity discovery and automated response that empowers your security team to see and protect every corner of your hybrid or cloud ecosystem. We deliver full east-west visibility and provide payload analysis in real time so you can learn about and stop threats faster.

    ThreatWarrior is agentless and API enabled. The platform natively integrates with Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and any OVA compliant hypervisor (i.e. VMWare), and more to provide complete coverage, situational awareness and threat intelligence across an on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud enterprise.

    Realize Cloud Benefits

    Real-time Deep Packet Inspection

    ThreatWarrior performs real-time deep packet inspection even on cloud traffic. Our platform enables you to see inside of traffic, correlating that data with deep learning so you can analyze behaviors, determine context, content and intent of observed communication on your network.


    Unified Cloud Intelligence

    Unify, integrate, analyze and manage network data through a centralized platform that simplifies and unifies multiple cloud environments. ThreatWarrior delivers a consolidated view of your on-premises and cloud security landscape.


    Behavioral Analysis

    Learn every behavior and action within your cloud workloads such as rogue instances, unauthorized access, or suspicious microservice activity to identify and stop threats immediately.


    Rapid Detection

    ThreatWarrior quickly recognizes suspicious activity and malicious threats, keeping pace with the dynamic and ephemeral nature of cloud workloads. We perform continuous and proactive threat hunting, identify zero-day behavior, and enforce policy compliance across your enterprise.

    Autonomous Protection

    Our platform autonomously understands the relationships and dependencies of your assets. Use ThreatWarrior to track and protect every asset as they move across your network, visualizing everything in our immersive 3D Universe.


    Secure Your Cloud Workloads with ThreatWarrior

    Eliminate friction and gain real-time threat intelligence, detection and response across your cloud infrastructure with ThreatWarrior. Our platform ingests a variety of logs and data sources, and uses unsupervised deep neural networks, continuous deep packet inspection, behavioral analytics and more to help you build a contextual understanding of your network. ThreatWarrior identifies and maps every entity across your hybrid and multi-cloud environment, delivering comprehensive insights, packet-level granularity and complete protection in real time..

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