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Increase SecOps efficiencies and decrease need for specialized talent

As organizations evolve and cyber threats become more complex, a highly efficient and modern security operations center is critical to your success. However, security teams are often understaffed and with a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, detecting and mitigating threats can be a huge challenge.

    ThreatWarrior’s cloud-native network threat intelligence platform helps your security team rise to meet that challenge. Our platform is rapidly deployed and unifies the disparate systems in your enterprise. It consolidates the management and protection of all your business assets across traditional, hybrid, IoT, cloud, ICS and OT environments.

    ThreatWarrior accelerates how security teams respond to threats, greatly reducing time to detection and neutralization. Our AI-powered technology drastically reduces the need for specialized talent and is the equivalent of adding a team of security experts to your staff without increasing headcount.

    ThreatWarrior’s AI Cyber Analyst™

    Human security teams spend much of their time searching through alerts to identify and hunt down true malicious activity. They manually analyze, triage and attempt to resolve threat activity while often coordinating with other team or department members. ThreatWarrior’s cyber analyst continuously and autonomously carries out this process at speed and scale impossible for humans.

    Every day, we face new conflicts in the battlefield of cyberspace, and ThreatWarrior’s AI Cyber Analyst improves how security teams respond. ThreatWarrior’s AI engine doesn’t just monitor your network for unusual behavior and other security threats: it watches and learns as your analysts respond to those threats.

    The ThreatWarrior AI Cyber Analyst is unique to each organization, adapting as it changes and grows. It operates 24×7, many times faster than any human, correlating network events with analyst behavior. ThreatWarrior’s cyber analyst then applies advanced heuristics and behavioral modeling to anticipate which security incidents are most relevant to your team. ThreatWarrior proactively escalates these severe threats over low-priority incidents, keeping analysts focused where their attention is most needed.

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