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Cyberspace Solarium Commission Recommends US Cybersecurity Overhaul

by | Mar 13, 2020

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission (CSC) has released a report that suggests US cybersecurity policy is in need of drastic changes. The 182-page report is the result of a yearlong congressional study led by a bipartisan group of lawmakers. It calls for a policy overhaul and new cyber strategy for the United States.

The report outlines more than 75 recommendations across the public and private sectors, including strategies to reform the government’s structure for cyberspace, promote national resilience, and reshape the cyber ecosystem.

ThreatWarrior’s founder and CTO, Pete Slade, was one of the key contributors to the Cyberspace Solarium Commission in their efforts to secure the United States against cyberattacks. Along with other cybersecurity leaders and the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, Pete helped advise the commission on meaningful actions that can be taken to improve national security and protect our economy and critical infrastructures.

It’s clear that swift action must be taken to secure our nation. As the report states, deterrence is possible in cyberspace. It relies on a resilient economy, it requires government reform and it needs private sector entities to step up and help strengthen our security posture.

We’re ready to do our part.

The report can be found here. We encourage everyone to read it in its entirety and then, as the CSC’s co-chairs Senator Angus King and Representative Mike Gallagher urge, “demand that your government and the private sector act with speed and agility to secure our cyber future.”

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