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Cybersecurity & Network Detection and Response in the Age of Connected Things


Cyberattacks involving Internet of Things (IoT) devices are surging at an unprecedented rate. Our hyper-connectivity and reliance on IoT devices provide myriad conveniences, but they also create cybersecurity blind spots across consumer markets and enterprises.

IoT devices are typically built with ‘convenience-first’ design principles and not security-by-design principles. This makes them common targets for cybercriminals who can use them as stepping stones into other parts of the network, and it’s why threats to IoT ecosystems can quickly evolve into greater security risks.

Legacy Security Cannot Protect the Modern Enterprise
With new internet-connected devices constantly being added to enterprise ecosystems, new attack vectors arise daily and threats constantly evolve to evade traditional security measures. Many legacy cybersecurity solutions may not even be able to see the devices that are being infected and therefore cannot stop it, which is what makes using advanced cybersecurity so vital to conducting business in the age of connected things.

That’s why ThreatWarrior takes a network-centric approach to cybersecurity using unsupervised neural networks. Our advanced technique allows organizations to stop emerging threats by helping them see everything connected to their network across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments, learn the behavior of everything connected to and communicating on their network, and act efficiently to stop all threats. You can learn more about that here.

A Deeper Dive
In my recent Fellow Perspective essay for the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, I discuss:

  • Threats to the IoT
  • IoT attack vectors
  • Why IoT devices pose such a threat
  • The inevitability of attacks and the liability continuum
  • Why legacy cybersecurity is insufficient in securing modern enterprises
  • Strategies to secure the IoT
  • How ThreatWarrior helps protect the hybrid enterprise and delivers visibility into all connected ‘things’

To learn more, head over to ICIT and download the full essay here.

While you’re there, check out all the great resources and research from ICIT and other cybersecurity leaders. We’re all working together to facilitate learning and educate key stakeholders to increase our public sector, private sector and national cybersecurity resiliency.

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