Leveraging Google Packet Mirroring to Protect Your Digital Supply Chain

Hiding in Plain Sight: Leveraging Google Packet Mirroring to Protect Your Digital Supply Chain


On Dec. 13, 2020 the cybersecurity world changed. News broke that SolarWinds had been breached, potentially affecting thousands of customers in an attack that combined a software update process vector and self-awareness that could identify and evade security toolsets. This changed the security game forever. Our tools now need to play hide and seek from threat actors. Packet mirroring will make your security tools invisible, but what do you do with the data? How can you limit the noise and focus on those signals that matter?

In this webinar you’ll learn: 

  • Why any application in your supply chain with an auto-update is a critical risk  
  • How invisibility of your security tools can detect sophisticated hackers 
  • How ThreatWarrior and Google utilize packet mirroring to hunt threats in your network and supply chain


Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, ThreatWarrior

Pete is an expert in threat intelligence and network security with more than 30 years of experience in cybersecurity, information technology, and machine learning.


Product Manager, Packet Mirroring, Google Cloud Platform

Shelly is the product manager of Google Cloud Packet Mirroring that provides the visibility needed to understand network traffic and attack landscape, in order to better secure cloud workloads.


Why You Need Digital Supply Chain Protection


Google Cloud Packet Mirroring Overview


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