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ThreatWarrior AI Cyber Analyst Drastically Improves Defense

January 14, 2019

ThreatWarrior, a leader in next-generation network protection, today announced its new AI Cyber Analyst™, a cognitive technology modeled after human thinking that investigates and responds to cyber threats at machine speed.

Originating years ago as an AI receptionist who could perform tasks like answering office guest questions, searching the internet, and alerting employees to visitors, it was capable of facial recognition, object tracking, speech and interactive conversation through Natural Language Processing (NLP), and more.

ThreatWarrior’s AI analyst has since advanced to rapidly accelerate how security teams responds to threats, greatly reducing the time to detection and neutralization.

“Our AI analyst quickly sorts through massive amounts of data, presenting what’s important to human security teams in an intuitive, actionable plan,” said Pete Slade, founder and CEO at ThreatWarrior. “It acts as a force multiplier for your security team, reducing noise and helping analyze and stop more threats than a human team could alone.”

Human security teams spend much of their time searching through alerts to identify and hunt down true malicious activity.They manually analyze, triage and attempt to resolve threat activity while often coordinating with other team or department members. ThreatWarrior’s cyber analyst continuously and autonomously carries out this process at speed and scale impossible for humans.

Every day, we face new conflicts in the battlefield of cyberspace, and ThreatWarrior’s cyber analyst improves how security teams respond. ThreatWarrior’s AI engine doesn’t just monitor your network for unusual behavior and other security threats: it watches and learns as your analysts respond to those threats.

The ThreatWarrior AI Cyber Analyst™ is unique to each organization, adapting as it changes and grows. It operates 24×7, many times faster than any human, correlating network events with analyst behavior. ThreatWarrior’s AI Cyber Analyst™ then applies advanced heuristics and behavioral modeling to anticipate which security incidents are most relevant to your team. ThreatWarrior proactively escalates these severe threats over low-priority incidents, keeping analysts focused where their attention is most needed.

“It’s the equivalent of adding a team of experts to your security staff without actually increasing headcount,” Slade said. “Plus, it works 24/7 and rapidly identifies the entire scope and pattern of security events. Our AI analyst will drastically change the evolving security industry and provide significant advantages to those who employ it.”

About ThreatWarrior:
ThreatWarrior is a leader in next-generation network protection dedicated to lowering global cybercrime. The ThreatWarrior platform decreases the complexity of cybersecurity, giving the power back to the defenders and making it possible for all organizations to protect themselves. It combines adaptive AI, network traffic and behavior analytics, incident forensics and response in a single solution to protect businesses from constantly-evolving cyberattacks. With ThreatWarrior, businesses can eliminate cyber threats before they’ve caused damage. To learn more, visit, and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as we deliver cybersecurity to the masses.