ThreatWarrior | Cloud-Native Network Detection and Response (NDR)

Network Detection and Response

Stop more threats with ThreatWarrior

Detect threats faster and stop breaches across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments with the power of network detection and response (NDR).

The ThreatWarrior Advantage

Attacks like SUNBURST and WastedLocker have proven that traditional approaches to cybersecurity are not enough to protect from today’s sophisticated threats. Network detection and response (NDR) solutions are necessary to combat modern cyberattacks, and ThreatWarrior is the only NDR solution to combine AI-driven threat protection, complete network visibility, and the contextual intelligence needed to understand attacker behavior and stop threats.

ThreatWarrior's software monitoring advanced persistent threats


Protect your network, cloud workloads, IoT and more with our powerful SaaS-delivered platform, deployed in minutes without complex configurations.


ThreatWarrior is passive and agentless, so we are invisible to threat actors and can’t be turned off or evaded.

Network Truth

We use continuous deep packet inspection to examine network traffic in real time to find the ground truth of what’s happening across your enterprise at all times.

Hunt Down Threats and Stop Them Sooner

ThreatWarrior makes threat hunting easy for analysts at any level. The platform enables hunters to proactively stop cyberattacks by empowering them with advanced analytics, detailed environmental reporting, and continuous development of behavioral-based preventions. ThreatWarrior provides a real-time view of an organization’s security posture and allows users to directly correlate threat intelligence to behavioral analytics to accelerate threat hunting and investigation, even for less experienced analysts.

Desktop view depicting types of threat hunting features

Understand Your Network

ThreatWarrior uses deep learning and unsupervised neural networks, enabling users to understand and hunt down threats at the earliest sign of malicious activity.


Eliminate Blind Spots

100% visibility into every corner of your
network – including cloud, IoT/OT, and hybrid ecosystems – allows security teams to observe all network activity and threat movement to provide unparalleled visibility across your environment.


Find Threats Others Miss

Perimeter security, log analysis and endpoint tools leave gaps across your organization. Our NDR platform uses multiple engines including deep learning and anomaly detection to detect threats wherever they occur.

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Take Back the Power


ThreatWarrior is shifting the power back to the defenders by helping security teams detect and stop attacks before they become breaches – keeping you far ahead of threat actors.

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