ThreatWarrior | Cloud-Native Network Detection and Response

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Cloud-Native Network Detection and Response

We Deliver Signal

ThreatWarrior cuts through network noise to deliver true signal, eliminating alert fatigue and keeping your analysts focused on the most consequential threats.

Help your team reduce alert fatigue

Critical infrastructure enterprises are using an average of 75 cyber security tools to protect their organizations.


55% of security professionals admitted they aren't confident in their ability to prioritize or respond to these alerts.


SecOps teams spend an average of 1.25 days per week (27%) investigating false positives.


Digital Supply Chain Protection  

In the era of hyper-connectivity, cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging digital supply chain vulnerabilities to wage attacks on widespread victims. ThreatWarrior delivers deeper visibility and stops attack spread to protect your supply chain. 

Network Detection and Response

As threats become more sophisticated, protecting the network has proved challenging for many organizations. ThreatWarrior delivers more visibility, faster threat detection and resolution, and threat hunting capabilities to keep you ahead of advanced threats.

ThreatWarrior’s Unmatched Approach

Network security alone isn’t enough to protect against today’s sophisticated threats. ThreatWarrior combines threat intelligence, continuous deep packet inspection, deep learning AI and behavior monitoring to stop known and unknown threats across your entire digital estate.

Why ThreatWarrior?


Deploy in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. Gain complete visibility and protection across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with limitless scalability.

Invisible to Attackers

ThreatWarrior is passive and agentless — monitoring your network and digital supply chain while remaining invisible to would-be attackers that might lie dormant while being actively observed.

Speed to success

ThreatWarrior keeps your team focused on the most critical threats, so you can detect, understand, and contain threats faster and more efficiently.

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