ThreatWarrior and Moffitt Cancer Center Partner to Bring Next-Generation Cybersecurity to the Health Care Industry - ThreatWarrior

ThreatWarrior and Moffitt Cancer Center Partner to Bring Next-Generation Cybersecurity to the Health Care Industry

October 3, 2019

ThreatWarrior, a leader in AI-powered cyber defense, and Moffitt Cancer Center, the only Florida-based National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, announced today a collaboration agreement to improve cybersecurity for health care organizations.

The two industry leaders will work together to develop ThreatWarrior features and functionalities so that organizations can quickly mitigate and defend the deluge of cyber threats and other vulnerabilities.

“Cybercrime is the cancer of the digital age and ThreatWarrior is giving organizations a chance to fight back,” said Pete Slade, founder and CEO at ThreatWarrior. “The potential of this partnership is enormous, and we are proud to be working with such a highly-regarded institution as Moffitt in combating this growing issue.”

With cyberattacks increasing daily, it’s critical that high-value targets take advanced, proactive security measures to prevent breaches. This is especially true in the case of hospitals, medical offices and other health organizations, where compromised systems can cost much more than financial or reputation damage.

ThreatWarrior helps prevent these losses by combining machine learning with network and behavioral analysis to identify anomalies. It autonomously identifies and neutralizes cyber threats by delivering a Cyber Immune Response™ modeled after the human immune system. The platform provides comprehensive protection from all cyberattacks including zero-day exploits, ransomware, insider and unknown attacks.

As part of the strategic collaboration agreement, Moffitt’s Cyber Operations will collaborate with ThreatWarrior application developers to constantly improve the product.

“Because of the constant cyber threats to health care operations, teams need new and innovative measures to swiftly address them,” said Dave Summitt, Moffitt’s chief information security officer. “ThreatWarrior has the potential to significantly impact the defense of cyberattacks and how threats are handled by health care security teams.

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