Threats are Evolving, Your Cybersecurity Should Too

Threats are Evolving, Your Cybersecurity Should Too


With today’s rapid technological advances, cybercriminals’ tactics are growing more sophisticated and the threats are rising in complexity. Cyber agents are breaching firewalls and committing espionage with an increasing ability to avoid detection.

It seems that each year outdoes the last, earning the title of “record year” for the amount of confidential information exposed. With a new year ahead of us, one can anticipate that this year will top 2017 for cybersecurity threats.

Most companies – regardless of industry or size – contain some amount of sensitive information. It is no longer a question of if your company will fall under attack, but rather when.

Get ahead of cyber threats

Modern business is porous by nature and conducting operations requires connections to numerous systems, devices, and architectures. All these endpoints open up new avenues for attack. To not have some measure of security on a company’s network in this day and age is asking for trouble. No matter how small a target a company believes they are, everyone should have a plan in place to prevent damage from security breaches.

The problem with preventative measures is that cyber attacks are unexpected. Companies may implement cyber defense technology, but traditionally, it is taught what to look for, leaving too much room for unpredicted forms of attack. Unless your defense is constantly learning about your network and evolving with the current threat surface, there is still a fairly significant level of susceptibility.

With that in mind, we created ThreatWarrior™.

Our AI-backed cyber defense system mimics the intelligence of the human immune system, constantly detecting anomalies in a network and evolving to recognize and neutralize threats as they occur. It is the first solution to apply unsupervised neural networks to cyber defense. (For more about what that means, check out this blog post.

The technology uses machine learning, deep neural networks, and recurrent neural networks to learn about the normal behaviors of a network, its users, and devices. (Hey, hackers are benefitting from AI, don’t you want to, too?) This allows it to detect abnormalities, alerting users in real time with a Cyber Immune Response™.

Plus, with the pervasive network visibility ThreatWarrior delivers, you’ll reap the benefits of accelerated response time and advanced threat detection. This can mean the difference between a blocked breach and an outpouring of your sensitive data.

New year, new threats

It can be expected that 2018 will bring more threats than ever before. With today’s cybercriminals growing more sophisticated and adapting rapidly to security protocols, you need a cyber defense system that adapts just as rapidly. What can you afford to lose if you don’t? Your data, finances, intellectual property, and brand reputation are all on the line.

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