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ThreatWarrior: Design Principles


At ThreatWarrior, we often collaborate on key projects. One that requires us to be aligned internally is our thinking on the core elements of our product strategy, or our design principles.  First and foremost, everything we do as a company has one bottom-line objective — to drive customer value. Keeping that in mind, let’s share some insight into ThreatWarrior’s product philosophy and some of the driving forces behind the things we build. 


Customer First:

Customer-centricity is not a unique platform on which to build a company, but at ThreatWarrior, everything we do stems from an objective to anticipate how we can deliver software that adds value to the work our customers perform. We’re building the company from the ground-up with this in mind. We’re hyper focused on ensuring that existing customers are thrilled with their experience, that we’re the easiest company in our space to do business with, that we’re transparent in all that we do, and that we offer value and partnership to those that we work with. 


Beyond the “What”:

Many products are really good at presenting factual information about what is happening at a point in time, which can be useful. What we believe is more useful is to add intelligence and therefore context to the “what”, and to present customers with the “how” and the “why”.  ThreatWarrior takes customers on a journey from the moment a sensor is deployed, with a goal of complete visibility and a contextual understanding of what’s happening on the customer’s network. 


Deploy and Run Anywhere:

Our customers range from born-in-the-cloud startups to the largest, heavily regulated enterprise. This customer diversity requires us to consider any infrastructure as a deployment destination. ThreatWarrior was designed as a run-anywhere platform with a number of deployment options. Whether a customer is cloud-first, fully deployed on-premises or has a hybrid or multi-cloud approach, we have a solution that fits. 


Cloud as a First-Class Citizen:

Most of the incumbent tools in the network security market are heavily focused on the traditional enterprise, which means physical networks connected to well-defined devices. Public cloud, despite its range of benefits, creates complexity when it comes to protecting the network (more on that in a later post). ThreatWarrior’s innovative approach to leveraging the unique capabilities of the cloud providers to protect a virtual network is a big part of the company’s differentiation, and while we can (and do) certainly support on-premises customers, you can expect a heavy focus on cloud-based network threat intelligence.


Deliver the Signal, Not the Noise:

Suggesting that cybersecurity is a crowded market is an understatement. With over 1,200 vendors pitching their wares, standing out from the pack can be challenging. And with enterprise customers purchasing on average 80 different security solutions, something has to give. With so many security tools firing alerts at analysts, it is critical to us that we don’t compound an already bad situation.  ThreatWarrior was purposefully designed to eliminate the false positives that create alert fatigue while solving problems that customers didn’t know could be solved. In many cases we enable customers to simplify their dependency on other tools, and in turn, create a less “noisy” environment.


Growth through Partnership:

Cybersecurity is a team sport and it should be acknowledged that no single vendor or approach can overcome the complex challenges our customers face. Beyond the sales and marketing engines that strong partnerships can fuel, we also look to our partners to influence our roadmap in the form of new features, third-party integrations or potentially even core platform enhancements. While customers are also a great source of product input, in many cases they are driving a specific feature request. Partners have the advantage of perspective across a broad and diverse range of users and can help to rationalize and prioritize the things that we build to support a more comprehensive set of customers. 


The ThreatWarrior platform offers an extremely powerful set of capabilities and we believe that our design principles will support the constantly evolving needs of our customers. Collectively, we will provide a comprehensive security capability that will fundamentally improve the way the world approaches cybersecurity. We encourage everyone to try ThreatWarrior. It takes less than an hour to install a virtual sensor and within minutes you’ll see the product kick into action. 


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