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Use Cases

Gain real-time network threat intelligence, security insights and analytics for your hybrid enterprise with ThreatWarrior. Our cloud-native platform supports the spectrum of security use cases from protecting cloud environments, to modernizing your SOC, to delivering an industry- leading agentless security solution.

Public Cloud Security

Secure your hybrid and multi-cloud environments with our cloud-native platform that combines AI, deep packet inspection, analytics and automation. ThreatWarrior natively integrates with Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and any OVA-compliant hypervisor.

IoT Security

Organizations often struggle to see every device on their network. ThreatWarrior gives you 100% visibility into on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments so you can see IoT, rogue, and even unmanaged devices with no agents necessary.

Embedded SaaS Security

ThreatWarrior enables SaaS providers to bundle our platform with existing offerings to deliver
cloud-native network threat intelligence, advanced detection, forensics and response. Our
platform is API enabled and integrates seamlessly into your user experience.

M&A Due Dilligence

Quickly identify cyber risks, vulnerabilities, and system differences pre, during and post merger or acquisition activity. ThreatWarrior helps users identify and remediate any issues prior to combining the networks, mitigating the possible risks involved.

Network Forensics

Incorporate detailed network evidence into your investigations and get more accurate results in less time with ThreatWarrior. Use our cloud-native platform to quickly determine the scope and scale of attacks, conduct full-infrastructure investigations, prioritize response and stop cyberattacks.

SOC Modernization

Use ThreatWarrior’s cloud-native threat intelligence platform to increase SecOps efficiencies and decrease the need for specialized talent. Our solution will help you streamline processes, become more proactive, and gain a deep understanding of your entire network.

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